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Call to order

Approval of Agenda

Approval of May20, 2019 Regular Business Meeting Minutes


Public Comment – TSD No. 1 Sanitary District Business


Regular Business

Financial Report – CLA

Approve bills/sign checks

Inspector’s Report

Maintenance Report

Administrative Clerk’s Report


Unfinished Business
  1. Update on the approval of the O&M Agreements with Johnsburg Sanitary District and Taycheedah Sanitary District No. 3.
  2. Update on the Brookhaven Lift Station easement.
  3. Discussion and possible action of continuing with Gen-Tracker vs. Mission Communications.
New Business
  1. Discussion and possible action of determining the condition of the lift station pumps and associated equipment.
  2. Discussion and possible action on the proposal submitted by Green Bay Pipe & Televising, LLC.
  3. Discussion and possible action of coverage and limits of liability for property/casualty insurance.
  4. Discussion and possible action of submission of the CMAR report.
  5. Discussion and possible action of the easements for the Gladstone and Winnebago lift stations.


Date and Time of Next MeetingJuly 22, 2019




Priscilla Yohann – Administrative Clerk

Taycheedah Sanitary District No. 1


TSD#1 – June 2019 Meeting Minutes


Please Note:  Upon reasonable notice efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of disabled individuals through appropriate aids and services.  For additional information or to request this service please contact Priscilla Yohann at tsd1clerk@charter.net or 920-923-0406.