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2021 Garbage, Recycling, Bulky Waste Schedule

2021 Bulky Waste Items

AS OF JULY 12, 2021:


Advanced Disposal is no longer our garbage/recycling provider.  In October 2020 Waste Management acquired Advanced Disposal and assured us moving forward the only change would be the name on the trucks.

Please use this website for notifications that disrupt the normal service.  Each time I am notified I will note it below.



2/22/2021: Waste Management informed the clerks office they had truck issues and will continue the Monday (2/22/21) route on Tuesday 2/23/21.

5/3/2021: Waste Management email today – Due to some unforeseen issues today, we are delayed on the trash route Monday (5/3/21).  A truck started on the route late morning and we will continue to send drivers as they are available.

5/3/2021: Waste Management was emailed inquiring why garbage remains from Monday’s (5/3) route.  Waiting for response.

5/8/2021: Waste Management was emailed inquiring on missed garbage on Hwy K, Gladstone Beach, Parkridge Drive, Golf Course Road and Sandhill Lane.  Waiting for response.

5/10/2021: Waste Management was emailed inquiring on missed handicapped residents.  Waiting for response.

5/12/2021: Waste Management was emailed inquiring on missed garbage pick-up for Raven View residents.  Waiting for response.

5/18/2021: Waste Management was emailed inquiring on missed garbage pick-up for Spring Street and Winnebago Drive residents.  Waiting for response.

5/19/2021:  Response received….trucks dispatched to pick up Spring Street & Winnebago Drive.

5/22/2021: Waste Management was emailed inquiring on missed garbage pick-up for Redtail Lane residents.  Waiting for response.

5/24/2021:  Waste Management was emailed inquiring on missed garbage today from residents on Spring Street, Winnebago Drive, and Kiekhaefer Pkwy.  Waiting for response.

5/24/2021:  Response received….truck dispatched to pick up Spring Street, Winnebago Drive and Kiekhaefer Pkwy.

5/25/2021:  Waste Management was emailed inquiring on missed garbage from Monday 5/24 from residents on Michigan Street.  Waiting for response.

6/9/2021:  Waste Management was emailed inquiring on missed garbage from Monday 6/7 from residents on Michigan Street, Spring Street, Winnebago Drive, and Hwy K.  Waiting for response.

6/10/2021: Sent a driver there this morning and there were no trash containers out for service. All the addresses listed below have bulk items only.

6/9/2021:  Waste Management was emailed inquiring on when bulky waste is going to be picked-up.  Waiting for response.

6/14/2021:  Waste Management notified us today that they are unable to pick-up the bulky waste according to our contract.  We are currently working with another company to resolve as soon as possible.  Please be patient and courteous as we are working on a plan to move forward with a successful outcome to this recent unfortunate news.  I will continue to post updates as we receive them….please share with your neighbors if they are not aware of this notice.  Thank you.

6/16/2021:  Bulky waste will be picked-up starting Monday, June 21, 2021 by 5:00 a.m.  Harter’s Lakeside Disposal has rearranged their routes and have graciously offered to pick up landfill waste.    All electronics, TV’s, tires and Appliances HAVE BEEN PICKED UP this week by a subcontracted company hired through Waste Management.  If you have any of these items in your bulky waste it will be left behind for your disposal.

6/23/2021:  UPDATE ON BULKY WASTE.  The emails and phone calls we are receiving are overwhelming and I understand your frustration as we are frustrated too….but it does not constitute residents calling the elected officials and town employees liars, irresponsible, and stating the town looks like a slum, and informing others we are not doing our jobs.  This is the history of events that has happened since June 7th when bulky waste was to begin.

On June 7th, the chairman received a phone call from Waste Management stating they could not begin picking-up bulky waste on Monday and would begin on Tuesday, June 8th.  On Monday, June 14th chairman Thome received another phone call from Waste Management indicating they would not be able to pick up any of the bulky waste and honor their contract.  At this time we were told the company subcontracted by Waste Management to pick up TV’s, appliances and tires had completed the pick-up.  Every year we have residents adding to their piles so we assumed there would be a few to pick-up.  Subsequent to Waste Management indicating they were done, the subcontracted company actually began picking up these items on June 18th (after the previous update on the website).  Clerk Marcoe found a company that has graciously rearranged their schedules and offered to help us on short notice.  This company has begun collection of our bulky waste on June 21st and will continue until done.

I would respectfully request you hold your comments and judgements toward the town employees and its elected officials until you speak with them in person at a Town Board meeting.

6/26/2021:  BULKY WASTE IS COMPLETE AS OF NOON TODAY.  We have documented the addresses that have TV’s and tires remaining and will pick up on Monday June 28th.  If  items were left behind they were either too large or were part of the excluded items. You can see the detailed list above labeled “2021 Bulky Waste Items”.  A big THANK YOU to Harter’s Lakeside Disposal for going out of their way to help us.


6/28/2021: ALL TV’S ARE PICKED UP AS OF 5:00 p.m. TODAY.  If you have anything left behind it is due to your limit (such as 1-tv per household or 4-tires per household or any on rims) this also includes items too large for the truck.  The detailed list on the website indicates what items were allowed and not allowed.