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Effective October 1, 2021, HARTER’S LAKESIDE DISPOSAL will be the Town of Taycheedah’s new garbage and recycling provider.  New bins and information will be delivered to your residence in September.  Please read the information thoroughly as your collection days may change.  Thursday collections will now change to Tuesday.  Keep all the information for your records as you will be provided with a calendar and contact information.


Harter’s Lakeside Disposal will begin distributing garbage and recycling bins to all residents starting the second week of September.  Included with each bin will be the following (open each link):

Harter’s Recycling Brochure           Harter’s Welcome and Q&A’s


Harter’s 2021 Town of Taycheedah Calendar


 Harter’s 2022 Town of Taycheedah Calendar


As of 9/27/2021: Harter’s Lakeside Disposal received an addendum via email Friday evening that Harter’s needs to remove the carts from Taycheedah and Eden.  As soon as a plan is in place we will be notified. 

Please be patient and we will let you know when to place your bins by the road.  

***10/5/2021  UPDATE***


We plan to remove the old Waste Management/Advanced Disposal carts the week of Nov 1st

Please have your carts by the roadside PRIOR to Monday (11/1).

We will begin pickup on Monday (11/1).  Harter’s has GPS tracking and will not back-track if you did not place your bins by 11/1/2021.

You may keep your cart(s) if you wish (you paid for them).  

Please refrain from negative publicity on social media.  We have come across a tremendous amount of “trash talk” that turned into untruths and individuals assuming they know everything.  We invite you to a town board meeting so you can hear the facts.  Be patient and be kind to one another as we are all human and doing our best.